Photos Recovery on Windows—A simple software can help you

Common Problems about Recovering Photos on Windows

Can I get deleted photos and videos back from my mobile phone?
Is there any easy way to recover images or deleted photos on my SD card with a Windows computer?
I don’t know how to recover photos in my digital camera SD card on Windows computer,what can I do?

You can see many similar questions on the Internet, and the solutions are lack. It is known to all, people in the digital era always take photos with digital camera, mobile phone or other digital devices.And these pictures is a record of their life and nobody want to loss it. So the SD card in the phone or camera need to store so many data, and a large amount of data transmission can make SD card error, the card data may lost accidently. However, most of digital cameras or mobile phones have no feature for photo recovery, users can not get back their photos on mobile phone or camera. Here, this article will introduce a photos recovery software for Windows.

recover memory card data on windows 8

Easy steps to Recover Photos on Windows

You may think that the operation of Card Data Recovery software are complicate, but I can say that you can recover your photos easily with just few steps:

Step1. Download the Card data recovery from here: and install it on your PC.

Step2. Connect the memory card to computer and launch the Card Data Recovery application.

Step3. Select the option “Photo Recovery”, (you can selecet other option like “Video Recovery”,”Music Recovery” or “Document Recovery” to recover other data ),then the program will scan your lost photos.

Step4. Preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered photos in memory card data and you have finished card data recovery on Windows.

Warm prompts for Windows Photo Recovery

Generally speaking, Card Data Recovery for Windows can help you recover card data like photos, videos, music, etc.And if you use it in advance mode,you can recover the files in more than 40 formats .However, your card was seriously damage in case, and the data in it is extremely important for you, you can contact a data recovery expert. even if you will cost more than data recovery software, it is safer.

(You can know more here:

How to Restore Android Mobile Phone Deleted Data

Do You Need Android Data Recovery?

What is the most popular and widely-used operating system for mobile devices now? The answer is obvious. Android, which can be regard as the King of mobile device OS.And it is reported that the shipment amount of products with Android OS has jumped to 70.1% in Q4 2012. There is no doubt that some problems like data loss happen in Android devices users’ life, most of them try to find out a way to recover lost photos, videos,message etc. this article may be a good news for those Android users who need Android data recovery.

To recover deleted data for Android devices, we should do some preparaton first.:your SD card in the devices with a card reader or a USB cable for your Android, a computer and, the most important is a data recovery program. The data recovery software helps you to scan deleted data and then retrieve them. Card Data Recovery is a efficient and easy-to-use data recovery tool designed for recovering deleted files from Android phone or other various kinds of Android devices.

Way to Recover Android Data

Ok, guys! Taht’s no need to worry about Card Data Recovery Software operation, you can recover your foles easily after the following steps:

Step1. Download the Card Data Recovery in this site: and install it on your computer

Step2. Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable or connect the SD card in the phone with card reader, and launch the Card Data Recovery application.

Step3. Click to choose “Removable media” that represent your Android phone and click the option “Photo Recovery”, “Video Recovery”,”Music Recovery” or all of them,then the program scan your lost data.

Step4. After scaning, you can preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered data in the Android phone and you have finished Anroid phone data recovery.

That’s really something for Android Data Recovery

Ok, guys! I think you releaze now. Don’t hesitate any more.If you want to recover Android phone data, Card Data Recovery is a good choice, and I hope I can hear your good news.

Western Digital Passport Photos Recovery-You Can Accomplish by Several Clicks

Are You Searching for A Way to Recover Photos from Western Digital hard Drives?

The demands of consumer becomes more and more , more and more strange, which push the manufacturers to invent and improve products. Now, apart from Seagate , Western Digital is not backward. The new Western Digital My Passport comprehensive distribute market. This product is mini and one of the best partners for the users who need to store a large number of video, photos, audio, text and files.

However, Sometimes we might be in the trouble of data loss on your Western Digital hard drives because of data corruption or mistakenly deleted without backup automatically. Corruption of Western Digital My passport may result from virus attacks or sectors damage. But don’t be panic, you can recover My passport data,such as photos. By using one of the efficient Western Digital hard drive data recovery program like Card Data Recovery which can accomplish any types of corrupted hard drive data recovery.

Steps for Western Digital photos Recovery

It is very recommended to have a try to download Card data recovery software to do Western Digital My Passport photos Recovery

All is well,friends. Don’t worry about the operation of Card data recovery software, you can recover your photos easily after the following steps:

Step1. Download the Card data recovery from here: and install it on your PC ( the software have Windows version and Mac version).

Step2. Connect the external hard drive to computer with corresponding USB cable and launch the Card data recovery application.

Step3. Click the “Scan” button to scan the photos have been deleted, you can tick all of them if you would like.

Step4. Preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered files in West Digital hard drive and you have finished Western Digital photos recovery.

Note for Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

When you use Card Data Recovery to recover Western Digital hard drive data and save the data retrieved, you must save the restored files to other drive or storage devices , not the same drive where previous ones located. Because the space where the data you hope to recover taken might be overwritten.

Recover Deleted/Formatted/Corrupted Photos From Camera

Is it possible to retrieve lost photo on my camera memory card?

I was taking pictures at my party last night with Olympus camera. But when I went over to look at the photos in the end, only 2 photos were left. No one deleted anything, i think the memory card was reformatted by itself. I really need the pictures. I’m not sure if there is a way that i can recover these photos. It would be great if you could help me out.

photo recovery on camera

Yes and No

After the photos were lost, the photo itself isn’t lost. Just the area where the lost photos were stored is now marked as free space for other new files to be written. So once you put other data in it, this free space will be overwritten. If you stopping using your camera immediately, still able to perform deleted picture recovery.
However, if you save any new file to camera’s memory card, your photos will gone forever!

Main reasons for losing photos from camera:

* Loss of photos during transfer: If while transferring photos between computer and memory card reader if you abruptly remove the interface cable or pull out the memory card from card reader then your card suffers from corruption and results in loss of pictures due to interruption in file transfer.
* Root Directory Corruption: In flash memory cards, root directory is a structure, which allows you to store only limited number of files i.e. approximately 256 files. If you have exceeded the limit of storing photos then the root directory of memory card will point to faulty location, which results in inaccessibility and loss of photos.
* File system corruption: If the file system i.e., FAT32 which is used for data organization in flash memory cards are infected from some harmful malware or virus then it results in corruption of memory card and photos from the card are inaccessible. If the same memory flash card is utilized in different electronic gadgets then the data structure of the card is corrupted, which result in inaccessibility of photos.

How to undelete photos from camera

Tenorshare Photo Recovery helps to recover deleted or lost photos from camcera memory card, easy-to-use and reliable. See how does it work:
Step 1: Download Tenorshare Photo Recovery from
Step 2: Start the photo recovery software, and select a module using the reason of data loss. “Deleted Recovery” is designed for photo deletion recovery, “Format Recovery” is for recovering data from formatted camera.
Step 3: Find the file types you intend to recover. Click ‘Sacn’ to find all lost file photos.
Step 4: Choose the photo you want to recover, Click” Recover”

Key Features of Tenorshare Photo Recovery.

●All-in-one recovery software
Permits you to undelete pictures, and retrieve your lost videos and audios from the 3 of digital media, including camera, memory, USB drive, internal & external harddrive and every other storage devices.
●Scan and Preview ability
Program scans your lost files before working, along with the thumbnail feature may help you confirm in the event the pictures are that which you wanted. Also, Tenorshare Photo Recovery enables you to look at the quality of files beforehand.
●Easy to use and fast
Program provides you with an obvious as well as simple-to-use interface, only 3 steps to let you reclaim your photos, videos and audios easily!

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone

Is there a back door to perfrom android photo recovery ? I had a photo of me and my friend, now he is in another country,i deleted all my photos on my android phone, is there any way of recovering it?…” This was asked by someone on I’ve noticed this post has been already solved, however, I think there still have better answers.

android photo recovery

Notice: the more you are using the android phone the less chance you have to get photos back. When something is deleted it is not really deleted untill it is over written. When you delete photos or videos the file data itself isn’t deleted, just the index entry that says where the data for those files is located. The space containing the deleted files is also now marked as free space so it is available to the system for any new files to be written there instead. If and when that happens, then it becomes too late to recover your deleted photos so it is very, very important to not save any new files or data to the device concerned. This happened to me once and i found software to retrieve them and it did work but most of the pictures were only pieces of the pixture because they had been overwritten onto already but not fully.

One of the easiest ways to see if you can recover deleted files from phone is to try some ‘photo’ recovery software. There are many such products available, both commercial and free – also of varying quality! A good tip is to try the free trial version of a good commercial product that will scan the device for deleted files and show you exactly what video files can be recovered. At least that will show you if you can recover them at all or if it’s too late already. Tenorshare Photo Recovery is such great tool that help to recover photos without any data loss. It’s very easy to use Tenorshare Photo Recovery, 3 steps in simple terms. First, download this tool and install on your computer. Second, connect your android phone with pc, then choose the android phone disk to scan, you can preview the photos after scanning. At last, choose the photos you need, click “Recover”, all the photos will be recovered!

Still looking for ways on how to recover deleted photos from android phone ? Please stop here, you will get your desired answer.

Android mobile phones is very popular currently, like the Samsung Galaxy series, especially Samsung Galaxy s3 and Samsung Galaxy note, loved by losts of users. However, not all people like android, parts of people like iPhone, therefore, someone asked me, i’m using iPhone 5S, could you tell me how to recover deleted photos from iPhone 5S  ? Well, the answer is very simple-Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery, it can recover photos from iPhone in few minutes.

- Tenorshare Photo Recovery Download Sites:
For Windows users:
For Mac users:


Tips And Hints On Samsung Galaxy Photo Recovery Must Know

Question about how to recover Samsung Galaxy
I accidently formatted the Samsung Galaxy s2 and all the photos are gone. Is there any way to retrieve deleted photos from samsung galaxy? If yes, then how?

Photos can be recovery by the following reasons:
* When connect phone to computer to transfer photos, it says “the memory card is not formatted, do you want to format it now?”.
* Photos in the cell phone become inaccessible due to phone water damaged or broken.
* Press delete option on the mobile phone and all photos are gone with nowhere found.
* Deleted the photos when connected to PC and cannot find them in the Recycle Bin.
* Formatted the mass memory on the phone and forget to backup photos.
* The memory card (SD, CF, XD etc) inside the phone is corrupted, all photos gone.
* Performed a phone reset or restore and all photos disappeared.

According to the fifth point, your can recover pictures from samsung galaxy s2 with no doubt.

What You Need to Perform Samsung Data Recovery
1. Samsung phone recovery software. I recommend Tenorshare Photo Recovery-strong data recovery ability, easy to use interface etc will let you get lost data from Samsung external memory without any hassles. So if your lost files are mostly photos, movies or audio files, taking a try of the photo recovery software is recommended. It is very fast, easy to use and time-saving.
2. Your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone (memory card).
3. One Computer.

How to retrieve deleted pictures samsung galaxy

Step 1: Select the Device & File Type
Connect your Samsung Galaxy to your computer. It will be detected and listed by this software. Select your device in the drive list, and then select “Photo” only. (This program selects all file types by default. To save time, you can select “Photo” only here). And then click “Scan”.

recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy

Step 2: Preview and Select
All the photos will be listed after scanning. Select the photos you need to recover by ticking the boxes before file names. Then click “Recover”.

recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy

Step 3: Save Recovered Files
Navigate a path on your computer to save the recovered photos. It is suggested that you should never save those photos directly on your phone. Done, you have recovered deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy already.

recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy s2

Before the deleted photos are recovered from your phone, DO NOT attempt to take more photos or videos, or save sizeable data to the phone memory. Otherwise you may decrease chances of phone photo recovery as your previous files may be overwritten. Once overwritten, it is gone forever!

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How to Recover Deleted, Corrupted, or Formatted Photos

Time can take away a lot, but can not bring our memories. And photos is the good way to keep our memories forever. However, you just formatted your digital camera’s memory card by accident and now all of your pictures are gone! Just as the unlucky man below:

I inadvertantly reformatted. I took the card to a respected camera shop and they recovered photos from a prior event but not the ones that I was hoping to recover. Anyone know a good site/service provider that might be able to recover these images. They are of my son’s flag football team.

Relax. Chances are good that you can retrieve lost photo, as long as you haven’t taken any more photos or written anything else to the card. Photos can be recovered because when a photo is deleted from a memory card, the link to the photo is removed, but not the actual data. You can think of it this way: you go to a library and look up a book in the database, but don’t find any information. Maybe the book was new and had not been put into their online system yet, but the physical book is still in the library, you just can’t find it easily.

Photo recovery programs because ignore the link and read all the books in the library and just spit them back out for you. They usually work very well unless some serious damage has been done to your card. One program that I have used, which does an excellent job , is Tenorshare Photo Recovery. You can easily recover photos on your own with Tenorshare Photo Recovery, an easy-to-use and do-it-yourself photo recovery software to recover lost photo.

Only 3 steps needed to recover photos. Here is the tutorial about how to undelete photos.
Step 1. Download and install the Tenorshare Photo Recovery on your computer. Connect your digital camera inside to your computer. Click “My Computer”, you will see the drive letter assigned to your camera’s memory card. Open the application and choose the drive which you want to recover, and then select the files which you want to bring back.
Step 2. After selecting the files you would like to bring back. Click “Scan” button to SCAN autoally.
Step 3. Then you will find lots of photos you deleted are all found and recoverable.It support all types of photo. Preview them to confirm if your deleted photos are there. After confirmation, click the “Recover” button,then after a few minutes, the photos will come back to you. If your lost photos is JPEG form, so select jpeg recovery will save more time to find.

Warning: Please don’t save your recovered photos in the lost disk which you want to recover, because once you save in it, the new information will overwritten your disk, it may make you undelete pictures failure.

I’ve tested the program by simply deleting all the photos off of my memory card (of course I saved them first) and running the program to see what it could recover. I was quite impressed with how well it worked! I was able to get back more than 95% of my photos. The other 5% were a little messed up and some were just empty files, but most came out perfect! Give it a shot and hopefully it works!

Download links:
For Windows Users:
For Mac Users:


Recover Lost/Format/Deleted Photos-Get Your Christmas Photos Back!

In the 2012 Christmas day, What store do you use this beautiful memories? The tools most people choose is videos and photos, however, what if some unexpected errors occur? Data loss can be severe problem for everyone.Is there any way to restore deleted photos?

Don’t panic when you lost your photo files due to these reasons:
1. Accidental formatting of media
2. Accidental deletion of photo(s)
3. Misuse of memory cards
4. Corruption in memory card or computer’s hard drive
5. Usage of memory drives in different computers

Photos, images, and photos. photos are one of the most loved things. It captures a moment of life for a long time then we simply take photos using our Camera. If you lost those memories, don’t worry, you will be able to retrieve deleted photos with this photo recovery software.

Tenorshare Data Recovery is the best photo recovery software. It can recover lost, deleted, formatted photos, images, photos (support always all the typs, such as jpeg recovery )and music files from both hard drive, SD Cards, CF Cards, XD Cards, Memory Sticks, external Zip drives, FireWire and USB hard drives. It supports HFS+/FAT/ NTFS/NTFS5 file system on Mac OS X 10.5.1 and above. This photo recovery freeware supports professional RAW photograph recovery for almost all popular Digital SLR cameras.

Note: Tenorshare Data Recovery Free Trial version of only supports free scan, you can purchase the full version to recover after finding your lost data.

Steps to retrieve deleted pictures
Once you choose Photo Recovery, all you need to do is to follow the following steps to get back your lost photos with ease.
●First of all, install the application on your PC
●Secondly, start scanning where the lost files were stored before after launching the program.
●The last but not least, after scanning finished, click “Recover” and choose the path where you want to store the lost data.

All of these steps just cost you a few minutes, after that you will be able to recover deleted pictures successfully.

One more tip:
Once the unexpected happens, immediately stop with your memory device which stored precious pictures, movies and various files. For anyone who is far more cautious, plug the storage device around the device like digicam, camcorder, cell phone and perhaps system, etc. and hang up it in safe place. Then you can definitely definitely continue with the retrival method above so you can get your pictures back!

Download links:
Photo recovery software for windows:
Photo recover software for Mac:

Note: The method mentioned in this article specially for android phone,camera and hard drive, not suitable for iPhone. If you lost photos from your iPhone, turn to ” iPhone Data Recovery ” find the solutions.


Android Recovery-Find Your Lost Android Phone & Android Phone Data Back!

Undoubtedly, android is the most popular mobile phone system, Android OS has been made cell phone become much smarter than before, thus has been many phone users’ NO1 choice. The very popular mobile phone recently-Samsung Galaxy S3, is adopt android os.

To android phone user, there are two common issues:
One, lost or be stolen android phone due to carelessness.Is there any way to track where the lost android phone is?
Two, things are android data loss seem also more common than before. The reasons cause such data loss vary a lot, from human mis-operations (press delete, format or factory reset option by accident) to technical errors such as the phone is water damaged or broken to pieces etc. These cases are really not rare as you might find nearby people suffer occasionally. So how to perform android phone recovery ?

Solution one: How to seek the lost android phone?
SeekDroid is a simple, $0.99 utility to help you find your lost Android device. The app lets you find you device and track it on a Google map, remotely lock it, wipe it, and even see if anyone’s picked it up and made calls from it. Additionally, Seek Droid allows you to sound the alarm or send a message to the phone to ask whoever has it to return it, and it can be hidden from the app list so someone can’t just uninstall it. If you lose your device, just visit the Seek Droid site and manage the rest from a browser.

Solutions two: Easy tips to do android file recovery.
When users inadvertently format the memory card of android phone’s, they can use the Tenorshare Data Recovery software to perform android phone recovery .This software can work well on both PC & Mac, capable of recover images, videos and music files deleted, formatted or lost through your Android based phone. The file formats supported range from photo formats includes JPEG, PNG, GIF TIF, TIFF etc to video and audio formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, WAV and much more.

Simple steps to recover android files with android data recovery software
Move 1. Download a Tenorshare Data Recovery from the internet and install on your computer.
Move 2. Connect your android phone with the computer. Open the installed software.
Move 3. Select the way you need to recover datas, ” Deleted Recovery” or ” Format Recovery” .
Move 4. Scan you android phone, then choose the datas you need, click “Recover”.

Android phone users, if you think the above two kind of tool is useful to you, please give me some responses, or keep my post

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Android Phone Recovery-How to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone

Some Features In Windows Phone 8

HTC 8X, the Lumia 820 and the Samsung Ativ S are all establish on Windows Phone 8 system, why Windows Phone 8 are so popular by mobile phone manufacturers? When you finish reading the following Windows 8 special features, you will understand.
Feature one. Linking email inboxes

If you like to keep your email inboxes tied together, so that all you mail arrives handily in one place, you can use the ‘link inboxes’ option. Simply go into one of the email accounts you want to link and hit the bottom three full stops. Select ‘link inboxes’ and then choose the two inboxes you want to link up.

You can easily unlink the inboxes at a later date in exactly the same way. Choose the email client you want to unlink by selecting it and just hit ‘unlink’. You can also rename inboxes while in this menu.

Feature two. Saving battery

Under settings is a ‘battery saver’ option. When it’s switched on, you’ll get more hours of battery life, but keep in mind you’ll need to manually check for new emails, and apps will no longer run in the background. At the bottom is a summary of how much battery life you have left, assuming you don’t suddenly start streaming cat videos on loop.

When this feature is turned on, you can tap on ‘advanced’ at the bottom of the screen (it’s greyed out when the feature is off) and choose a point at which it should automatically turn on, or if it should stay on all the time.

Feature three. Adjusting text size
Under settings is an option called ‘ease of access’. Here you can slide a bar up to increase or decrease the text size in order to make reading easier. You can also enable ‘high contrast’ to improve legibility, a screen magnifier and turn on TTY/TDD — the telecommunications system used to assist those with hearing or speech difficulties.
Feature four. Perform windows phone data recovery easily.
Once you accidentally deleted in the inside of the cell phone photos, songs, video, don’t worry, it’s easy to get your data back. Be sure that when the accident happened, please stop your Windows Phone, if you continue to use mobile phone, it will cause part of the data forever lost. Nowdays so many data recovery companies provides data recovery software. You should compare the rate and choose a best one according to your requirements. I recommend Tenorshare, a useful and affordable repair software. also can recover windows phone 7
Feature five. Keyboard shortcuts
When using the onscreen keyboard, you can hit the ‘&123′ option to jump between text, and symbols and numbers. To save time though, you can hold down your finger down on each key to pull up various other options, including numbers, accents or, in the case of the full stop button, other useful symbols like a question mark. For languages, you can jump between each one you’ve installed almost instantly. Handy, eh?Other useful functionality built into the keyboard includes a word picker. Type a few letters of a word and suggestions will appear above. Move right and left between them with a swipe and then pick one by pressing it. Finally, a double tap of the space bar adds a full stop and a space for the next sentence.If a word is typed that the keyboard doesn’t recognise, you can press it to highlight and then hit the + symbol above to add it to the dictionary for future use.

Reading here, whether you desire to own a Windows Phone 8 mobile phone?